Developing Your Role as Leader Module 4 - Talking about Talking: Communicating as a Leader

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This module goes through different techniques of communication that are applicable to any place and situation.

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Brought to you by the Center for Professional Development with a special thank you to the content writer and presenter, Marilyn Ferguson-Wolf, MA, RD, CD

What are the skills needed to be an effective communicator? We will go through some different techniques of communication that are applicable to any place and situation. When you leave you will have these tools available to you.

A big part of being a leader is conducting or attending meetings. I feel meeting management is part of communication because the manner in which you conduct a meeting talks to your style and to your commitment to effective leadership. Following the theme of Appreciative Leadership, we want the meetings to be participatory. What is true in communication — knowing the purpose, and identifying the desired outcome — is the same in meeting management.

CPEU: 2.0
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Suggested Learning Need Codes:
1130, 7190, 7200

Learning Objectives

  • Identify three skills needed for effective communication.
  • Describe tools and techniques used for successful communication.
  • Define communication steps necessary to design and conduct participatory meetings.

This e-learning self-study includes web links to Exploring Nonverbal Communication, a listening skills test, an article on communication skills and additional online learning opportunities.

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