Informatics in Nutrition: Spanning All Areas of Practice - Module 1 - Overview of Informatics at the Academy: Academy Resources and Tools

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This module provides a history of the resources and tools which support Nutrition Informatics, digital Academy resources, informatics concepts and initiatives which support informatics across all areas of dietetic practice.

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Brought to you by the Center for Lifelong Learning with a special thank you to the content writer and presenter, Lindsey Hoggle, MS, RDN, PMP. Planned with the Nutrition Informatics Committee, the NIC Consumer Health Informatics Workgroup and the Interoperability and Standards Committee.

In keeping with the ever changing world of health care, the Academy continues to hold discussions on nutrition and the use of technology to perform tasks that Academy members do daily. As nutrition is a data rich profession, it is critical to apply new methods of processing and using data in all areas of the profession. This module provides a history of the resources and tools which support Nutrition Informatics work at the Academy, Academy resources for use in digital environments, informatics concepts relevant to nutrition, and initiatives which support informatics across all areas of dietetic practice. The drivers of health information technology adoption and use will be discussed, including the recent unprecedented U.S. adoption rates of electronic health information technology (or health IT) and systems, including Electronic Health Records (EHR).

CPEU: 2.0
CPE Level: 2
Suggested Learning Need Codes: 1065, 5390, 7100

Learning Objectives

  • Apply the definition and historical background of Nutrition Informatics content of the Nutrition Informatics Surveys (2008, 2011, and 2014), the National Delphi Study on Nutrition Informatics, the Academy's Evidence Analysis Library and the upcoming release of a EHR/PHR Nutrition Best Practices Implementation Guide. EHR Toolkit is now provided per subscription to eNCPT.
  • Identify key drivers of EHR adoption in the U.S. define Interoperability and the relationship of health information technology standards and terminologies as needed in coordinated nutrition care in the U.S., with particular focus on Health IT standards that include nutrition. This is the accepted term.
  • Demonstrate the use of the Nutrition Care Process, using the eNCPT and describe how mandated clinical terminologies for use in Certified EHRs in the U.S. are driving care delivery, outcomes tracking and improved care.

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