Informatics in Nutrition: Spanning All Areas of Practice - Module 4 - Nutrition in Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Health Information Technology

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This module focuses on nutrition in Electronic Health Records and other areas of health IT, including those that may include management of nutrition data.

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Brought to you by the Center for Lifelong Learning with a special thank you to the content writers and presenters, Jean Bouche, RD, CD and Elizabeth Copes, LD, CNSC. Planned with the Nutrition Informatics Committee, the NIC Consumer Health Informatics Workgroup and the Interoperability and Standards Committee.

This module focuses on Nutrition in Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other areas of health information Technology (health IT). In module 1, we discussed why the term EHR is used in most cases – rather than Electronic Medical Record or EMR. While past versions of the medical records – both paper and electronic – typically captured medical care, the goal of electronic health records is to capture aspects of health which may be useful for any of the individual’s care across his or her lifetime. This includes both clinician and consumer or patient data and data that might not normally be included in the medical record – such as meals eaten, food insecurity and functional status. Due to the improved opportunity for nutrition-related documentation, we will use the term EHR throughout this unit. In addition, the rapid adoption of EHRs in the United States – and the growing directive to share data, have caused a shift in focus to include other forms of health information technology – in addition to EHRs. This module focuses on EHRs and other forms of health information technology that may include management of nutrition data.

CPEU: 2.0
CPE Level: 2
Suggested Learning Need Codes: 1065, 7160, 5390

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how paper and electronic documentation and processes for health records differ; and how to utilize characteristics of an optimal EHR system design for best practices outcomes monitoring.
  • Identify processes for leveraging the use of structured nutrition data in systems and differentiate between unstructured data and the effects on reporting; explain how structured, coded data are related to nutrition care outcomes, electronic clinical quality measures, and transitions of care.
  • Identify sources of nutrition data within health information systems and provide the guidance necessary to utilize nutrition content in now mandated U.S. health IT standards.

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