455. Ready, Set, "Act" ion: Why Policy and Advocacy are Important to You!

FNCE Recorded Sessions from 2017

The session is designed for students and members new to the public policy arena.

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The session is designed for students and members new to the public policy arena. Engaging in building relationships with elected officials can sometimes be difficult and uncomfortable. This session will help participants overcome that discomfort, revealing methods and benefits for building relationships with policy makers. Attendees will learn: about the legislative process, the role of advocates in the process, who elected officials listen to; what are the most effective communications tactics for influencing policy; and how to conduct effective in-person meetings as well as effective advocacy in their home state.

CPEU: 1.5
CPE Level: 1
Learning Codes: 1080, 1070, 4080

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and contact decision-makers in my community, at the state and federal level
  • Apply proven advocacy strategies for successfully working with members to support grassroots activities
  • Utilize effective communication techniques and best practices to invite members to vote, take action and be involved in public policy and advocacy


  • Karen Ehrens
  • Lisa Eaton Wright
  • Patty Keane, MS, RD


  • Mike Glasgow

Planned with Policy, Initiatives, and Advocacy

  • SKU FNCE17455