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Educate, then Advocate: Creating Policy Opportunities for Dietetic Students

Learn how advocacy efforts have advanced the field of nutrition and dietetics at federal and state levels. Discover creative solutions for meeting ACEND 2022 standards on policy and advocacy, and empower future dietetics professionals to advocate for policies that impact individuals and communities.

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This webinar was presented live on June 14, 2022. The CPE associated with this activity expires on May 31, 2024.

Advocacy efforts at federal and state levels have greatly advanced the field of nutrition and dietetics, leading to successes such as the development of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, expansion and investment in federal nutrition programs, and reimbursement through Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. However, it is crucial to ensure that RDNs and NDTRs are recognized as nutrition experts. This continuing education session will feature dietetics educators with creative solutions for meeting the ACEND 2022 standards pertaining to policy and advocacy. The session will cover research related to successes and barriers to policy education, as well as the perspectives of current and past students. Attendees will learn how to effectively train dietetics students to be advocates for policies that impact the lives of the individuals and communities they serve, thus ensuring that RDNs and NDTRs continue to be at the forefront of the field of nutrition and dietetics.

CPE Level: 2

Performance Indicators

  • 3.2.4 Encourages others to engage in personal and professional development activities for career growth and skill enhancement.
  • 9.3.5 Uses a variety of strategies to deliver education.
  • 3.1.1 Identifies strengths and opportunities for improvement in self and in others

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss solutions for overcoming challenges that dietetics educators and students experience with policy-focused supervised practice. 
  • Demonstrate how to meet the required ACEND competencies through supervised practice experiences that build skills in nutrition policy and advocacy.
  • Describe how policy opportunities in dietetics education prepare students to become dietetics professionals who are confident and effective advocates.


  • Jessica Garay PhD, RDN, CSCS, FAND
  • Sarah Crulcich MPH, RD, LD
  • Amy LaFalce MS, RD
  • Amanda Berhaupt-Glickstein PhD, RD

Release Date: June 14, 2022


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