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FCP Recorded Webinar

The Power of Dairy: Filling Nutrition Gaps Across the Lifespan

Research continues to show that healthy eating habits, which include low-fat or fat-free dairy foods, have been associated with health benefits including reduced risk cardiovascular disease and improved bone health.

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This webinar was presented live on February 9, 2021.

Research continues to show that healthy eating habits, which include low-fat or fat-free dairy foods, have been associated with health benefits such as reduced risk cardiovascular disease and improved bone health. When it comes to good nutrition, dairy contains nine essential nutrients the body needs for optimal health and is an irreplaceable source. Despite these benefits, many Americans are not meeting daily dairy recommendations and are falling short of key nutrients, including three nutrients of concern identified by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans—calcium, vitamin D and potassium. This gap in dairy consumption is leading to deficiencies starting in kids as young as four and persist throughout adulthood. This webinar will provide you with an in-depth look at recent NHANES data showing how dairy can increase overall nutrient intake. We will also look at ways that dairy can be an accessible and affordable, everyday nutrition essential to supporting and achieving healthier eating patterns.

CPEU: 1.0
CPE Level: 2
Learning Need Codes: 2020, 3020, 5410
Performance Indicators: 12.2.2, 8.1.3, 9.4.4

Learning Objectives

  1. List the unique nutrition components of dairy foods that support consumption gaps identified in the Dietary Guidelines
  2. Compare and contrast the latest studies and research findings associating dairy with higher quality nutrition intake and healthier eating patterns
  3. Define dairy deficiencies, starting in early childhood and spanning into adulthood related to nutrient deficiencies particularly in populations with greater health disparities.


Sylvia Klinger, DBA, MS, RD, LDN, CPT

Dr. Sylvia Klinger is an internationally recognized nutrition expert who is relentlessly passionate about helping people fall in love with the process of creating and enjoying delicious and nutritious foods. As a food and nutrition communications professional, Dr. Klinger is a global nutrition professor, award-winning author and the founder of Hispanic Food Communications.

Her Hispanic background fuels her passion for nutrition, leading her to empower and encourage those in her community through the foods they enjoy in their kitchens. At the same time, she understands everyone’s needs are different and seeks to individualize nutrition to best fit each person and their journey to a happy and healthy life. Her latest publication, The Little Book of Simple Eating, was published in 2018 in both Spanish and English.

In her spare time, Dr. Klinger explores food and culture all over the world with her family, realizing the power a healthy lifestyle has to glue people together.

Amy Cohn, RD, CDM, CFPP

Amy Cohn is the Nutrition & External Affairs Senior Manager for the Cereal and Dairy Operating Units where she is responsible for vision, strategy and execution of the cereal and dairy division’s long-term health and nutrition strategy, impacting multiple brands and product platforms. Amy is a Registered Dietitian that thrives as a communicator and translator of science-based nutrition to design, implement and direct business strategies.

Amy’s nutrition career spans over 20 years and includes clinical nutrition with the VA Health Care systems and nutritional sales with a leading pharmaceutical company. Amy joined General Mills in 2007 where she has held a variety of roles providing nutrition leadership and guidance to several General Mills’ businesses and most recently led nutrition stakeholder engagement as a member of General Mills’ Bell Institute of Health & Nutrition.

Release Date: February 9, 2021


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