On the Cutting Edge: Type 1 Diabetes (Vol 39, No 2)

On the Cutting Edge

This issue focuses on understanding some of the approaches that can be taken to help people live more successfully with T1D. The authors are all people with first-hand experience.

  • Release Date: June 2, 2018
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Living with T1D is not an option for people with this disease. Working as a dietitian or diabetes educator to help people live more successfully with this disease is an option for most of you. Included in this issue are articles on:

  • Changing the focus from counting grams of carbohydrate perfectly to meaningful discussion of other aspects of diabetes and the circumstances that may influence food choices and glucose control
  • An overview of current pump and CGM devices, as well as specific training tips to use when working with people who use this technology
  • Non-insulin diabetes medications for the treatment of T1D
  • Sports nutrition and strategies for helping those with T1D safely and successfully participate in physical activity and sports
  • Insights into helping young adults shoulder the responsibilities of living with diabetes and make the transition from disease management from a pediatric endocrinology to an adult endocrinology practice
  • The challenges of helping children manage diabetes given that a large part of their day is spent away from home at school and a potential solution to this obstacle for both parents and school personnel
  • Using netnography to help professional practitioners better understand their patients and how it could potentially lead to the exciting development of additional social media sources as means of patient support
  • T1D cure progress

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CPE Level: 2

  • Release Date: June 2, 2018