Equip Your Students to Communicate Nutrition with Excellence and Confidence

Live Webinar

Educators will be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to incorporate communication skill-building activities across the curriculum and create opportunities for future nutrition professionals to become proficient nutrition communicators.

  • Release Date: June 7, 2021
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Date: June 7, 2021
Time: noon - 1 pm (Central time)

Nutrition and health professionals achieve the greatest level of success when they acquire the communication skills needed to translate the science of nutrition into meaningful messages and practical applications for the varied audiences they serve. However, few academic programs currently provide comprehensive training in communicating nutrition. This webinar describes the rationale for incorporating communication into the nutrition and dietetics curriculum and describes content to teach along with practical application activities matched to typical coursework from freshman year through graduate school. Participants will be encouraged to provide communication experiences and be provided with tools to promote excellence.

CPEU: 1.0
CPE Level: 2
Performance Indicators: 2.1, 3.2.4, 9.1

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the rationale for future nutrition and health professionals building proficiency in communication along with nutrition expertise.
  2. Describe 2 or more examples of communication activities that can be used to apply nutrition knowledge throughout the nutrition or dietetics curriculum including 1 or more they intend to implement or recommend for a course.
  3. List the 3 principles for encouraging students to excel as nutrition communicators and describe at least one practical strategy they plan to use.


Barbara J Mayfield, MS, RDN, LD, FAND

Barbara J. Mayfield is a communicator with expertise in business, academia, community programs, professional writing, and speaking. As president of Nutrition Communicator, LLC, Barb leads nutrition professionals to communicate with excellence and confidence. She served as editor-in-chief for Communicating Nutrition: The Authoritative Guide, published by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics August 2020.

  • Release Date: June 7, 2021