Nutrition in COPD: Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines Quick Reference Tool

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Nutrition in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Cover

A convenient, practical tool based on the Academy's Evidence Analysis Library guidelines for nutrition therapy for management of COPD.

  • Release Date: January 28, 2020
  • 6 pages
  • SKU 730619
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Produced by Guideline Central in collaboration with the Academy's Evidence Analysis Library, this practical quick-reference tool contains graded recommendations for nutritional management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


  • Introduction
  • Nutrition Assessment
    • Assessment of Energy Intake
    • Assessment of Body Weight Status
    • Estimating Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
    • Estimating Total Energy Expenditure (TEE)
    • Assessment of Serum 25(OH)D Status
    • Assessment of Exacerbations
  • Nutrition Intervention
    • Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT)
    • Energy Prescription
    • Macronutrient Composition (Percentage Distribution)
    • Vitamin D Supplementation
      • For serum 25(OH)D levels 10 ng/ml or lower
      • For serum 25(OH)D levels 11-29 ng/ml
  • Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Monitor and Evaluate Energy Intake and Body Weight for Energy Needs
    • Monitor and Evaluate Serum (25(OH)D Levels
    • Monitor and Evaluate Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation

Trifold (4.25 x 7.25)

  • Release Date: January 28, 2020
  • 6 pages
  • SKU 730619