RDN's Complete Guide to Credentialing and Billing: The Private Payer Market


This toolkit is designed to empower RDNs to enter the Private Payer Market through step by step directions on how to become a provider and bill for services.

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If you are a registered dietitian nutritionist contemplating starting your own medical nutrition therapy practice or working as part of a medical practice and wish to bill private insurance for your services, you will need to navigate the complex business world of the Private Payer Market. From obtaining an NPI to completing a 1500 claim form to handling denied claims, this comprehensive resource is filled with detailed, practical information, advice and tools to help you get started.

Medical Practitioners, practice managers, billing personnel and practice plans could also benefit from the toolkit information which outlines the credentialing and billing processes for medical nutrition therapy in the private insurance marketplace.

Contents include:

  • Obtaining a National Provider Identifier and Credentialing with Insurance Companies
  • Insurers and Coverage, Procedure Codes, and Diagnosis Codes
  • Verifying Insurance Coverage and Benefits
  • Filing Insurance Claims
  • List of Helpful Resources and Websites
  • ICD-10-CM Codes
  • CPT and G Codes and Modifiers

Published 2016

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  • SKU NSC502-I