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Food & Nutrition Magazine: Volume 11, Issue 1 Cover

Food & Nutrition Magazine®: Volume 11, Issue 1 (plus CPE quiz)

Topics in this issue include Fish Spatulas: Dive in with a Multipurpose Utensil; Diverse Voices; Inspire; Tried and True Recipes; Nutrition for Rheumatoid Arthritis; Intersection of Human and Planet Health; Savor: Ginger; Q: What are Lupini Beans? and Q: What is the “climatarian diet”?.

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Food & Nutrition publishes articles on food and diet trends, highlights of nutrition research and resources, updates on public health issues and policy initiatives related to nutrition, and exploration of cultural and social factors shaping Americans' diets and health.

  • CPEU: 2.0 (Expires 2/24/2025)

Educational Objectives

This CPE quiz covers the following articles:

  • Fish Spatula: Dive in with a Multipurpose Utensil
  • Ginger: Rooted in Sweet-Spicy Flavor
  • Intersection of Human and Planet Health
  • Nutrition for Rheumatoid Arthritis

At the conclusion of this activity, the participant will be able to:

  • Discuss uses and care for fish spatulas.
  • Explain rheumatoid arthritis and nutrition implications.
  • Describe the how human health and planet health are connected.
  • Summarize the nutrient properties and history of ginger.

Release Date: February 24, 2022

SKU FNM2022-Issue1

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