Building a Foundation: LGBTQ+ Terminology, Concepts, and Affirming Communication

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Join this lively session, to learn more about the role and value of RDN's within the LGBTQ+ community!

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Date: April 30
Time: noon - 1 p.m. (Central time)

The LGBTQ+ (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer) community is now firmly rooted as a vibrant and vital component of the American cultural landscape. Despite this growing acceptance, many healthcare providers still lack understanding of the community's fundamental components, such as sex assigned at birth or gender identity, and the healthcare sector has lagged in addressing the community's specific needs.

Join three experts in the LGBTQ+ space as they explain how dietitians can best define their own roles and maximize the value of their services in supporting this population. These experienced and knowledgeable experts from a variety of practice and professional settings and will help clarify concepts and terminology, provide ways that dietitians can affirm all LGBTQ+ individuals in the clinical environment, and explain best practices to promote health equity.

CPEU: 1.0
CPE Level 1
Learning Need Codes: 1040, 3020, 5390

Performance Indicators:

  • 10.2.8 Establishes the plan of care, directly addressing the nutrition diagnosis in collaboration with the patient in defining the time, frequency and duration of the intervention.
  • 1.3.6 Develops and implements culturally appropriate strategies when delivering service.
  • 2.2.2 Considers and respects the opinions, creativity, values, beliefs and perspectives of others.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define and distinguish sexual orientation, sexual behavior, sex assigned at birth, gender identity, gender expression, and sex development
  2. Describe what they will do to affirm the sexual and gender identities of all individuals in the clinical environment (students, patients, faculty, and staff)
  3. Identify one best practice for including sexual and gender minority health equity content that they will integrate into their own practice


Rabia Rahman PhD, RD, LD
Assistant Professor, Dietetic Internship Director
Saint Louis University

Jessica Halem, MBA
LGBTQ Outreach and Engagement Director
Sexual and Gender Minority Health Equity Initiative
Office of Recruitment and Multicultural Affairs
Harvard Medical School

Lindsay Birchfield, MS, RD, CD
Registered Dietitian
Health and Body Activist
Creating Peace with Food, LLC
Rooted Heart Health Care, PLLC

  • SKU WEB43020