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Straight Talk About Soy-Based and Dairy-Free Diet

This webinar debunks myths about health effects of soy and discusses the odd obsession by Western media; also, how plant-based diets can give pro athletes a competitive edge, advocacy efforts about dairy-free options and cultural biases embedded in Dietary Guidelines.

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This webinar was presented live on December 6, 2023.

As a lifelong consumer of soy, Dr. Yen Ang is a fierce advocate for the truths about soy and dairy-free options for good health. Dr. Yen will review the evidence of billions of Asians who raise multi-generational of healthy families throughout history on a soy-based diet without relying heavily on dairy. Asians who adopt a traditional plant-based diet suffer low prevalence of many Western sicknesses such as obesity, heart disease, certain cancers and bone diseases.

Dr. Yen will debunk some of myth surrounding the health effects of soy and discuss the odd obsession by the western media about the controversy. She will expose "smelly lunch" phenomenon and other systemic cultural biases in many of our federal nutrition assistance programs which stand in the way of one fully embracing a dairy-free diet.

As an Olympic medalist, Dotsie Bausch knows intimately dairy products and animal-based foods are not necessary to achieve peak athletic performance. Bausch will discuss how a plant-based diet can give professional athletes a competitive edge.

Bausch believes everyone must have equitable and fair access to dairy-free options that don't hurt their wallet, and the planet. In this segment, she will discuss her effort to create dairy-free alternatives in schools and corporations for a greener environment and social justice. Specifically, her champion for soy milk access to school children in the National School Lunch Program through the ADD SOY Act; and her advocacy to get Starbucks to remove their upcharge for non-dairy milk on all their drinks.

CPE Level: 2
Performance Indicators: 1.7.2, 1.7.4, 3.2.1, 8.1.1

Learning Objectives

  • The participants will learn the facts and myths about the health benefits of soy.
  • The participants will acquire greater awareness of the cultural biases embedded in Dietary Guidelines, federal nutrition education and programs.
  • The participants will learn the benefits of athletic performance when following a dairy-free and plant-based diet.
  • The participants will gain insight into the advocacy effort around dairy free options in schools and corporations that save money and the earth.


Yen Ang, DrPH, MSc, MPH, RD, FAND

No one is more eloquent to talk about soy than Dr. Yen Ang as she is not just a lifelong soy consumer but a scientist with 2 decades of strong translational nutrition research. Yen dedicates her professional life to championing equity, inclusivity, and diversity in all public health offerings including food choices. Yen is constantly on the hunt for solutions to end the health inequity faced by community of colors. As the Vice President of health equity at Tangelo, Yen leads a team to advance Food-is-Medicine services among people who need it the most—low-income community and ethnic minorities.

Her outstanding contribution to improving the lives of Californians earned her the title Woman-of-the-year 2021, CA 47th district.

When she is not busy fighting inequity, Yen enjoys quiet time with her 2 dogs, teenage daughter and husband at home.

Dotsie Bausch, Olympic Medalist

Dotsie Bausch is an Olympic medalist with eight U.S. national championships, two Pan American gold medals, and a world record. She designed her own plant-based diet for premium repair and output and became the oldest Olympic athlete in history in her discipline. She has become a powerful voice for dairy-free and plant-based eating for everyone from children to elite athletes. Dotsie is the founder of Switch-4-Good, a non-profit that advocates for easy and equitable access of non-dairy options for all Americans.

Release Date: December 6, 2023


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