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FCP Tastings Newsletter

FCP Tastings Newsletter Summer 2023: Sustainability 2.0: Collaborating with Mother Nature

This CPEU article focuses on how modern approaches in regenerative agriculture, upcycling, and localism in farming build a more nutritious, diverse, and sustainable food system.

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Sustainability in agriculture is hardly a new idea. But as the world's population swells and we begin to experience the effects of climate change in real-time, it's become more important than ever. Indeed, while it was rekindled as a back-to-the-land fringe movement just a few decades ago, sustainability is now seen by many as the definitive path to improve global nutrition while maintaining, and even improving, the health of the environment.

This article provides case studies in sustainable agriculture, as well as specific guidance on how RDNs and NTRs can share information.

CPE Level: 2
Performance Indicators: 7.2.2, 8.1.1, 11.2.3, 12.1.3

Learning Objectives

  • Describe key features of regenerative agriculture and how this method can address and fill nutrition needs while conserving resources and improving community wellness
  • Identify how upcycling in the food supply provides an opportunity to provide nutrition and reduce food waste
  • Illustrate how the concept of localism in agriculture can have impact on the local food supply, supporting the economy and well-being of the community and have wider reaching effects through collaborative sharing and dialogue
  • Summarize how RDNs can play a role in amplifying sustainability efforts in nutrition and public health

Release Date: July 27, 2023


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