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Copy of Communicating Nutrition: The Authoritative Guide lying on a desk.

Communicating Nutrition: The Authoritative Guide

Barbara J. Mayfield, MS, RDN, FAND, Editor

This authoritative guide provides the knowledge and skills needed to develop and deliver all types of communication in a variety of settings.

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2023 Doody's Core Titles® Selection

While it might seem like some people have a natural knack for communicating, no one starts out a communications expert. You get there by stepping into the ring and keeping at it, integrating the tools of the trade, and building your skills along the way. This comprehensive text, filled with the insights of the best in the business, is your trusty companion for doing so. — Ellie Krieger, MS, RDN, Award-Winning Cookbook Author, Columnist, and Television Personality

Written and reviewed by experienced nutrition communicators and educators, this authoritative guide provides the knowledge and skills needed to develop and deliver all types of communication in a variety of settings. Students, interns, and practitioners alike will find this to be an indispensable resource. The book's 42 chapters are presented in 8 sections, each with an opening showcase featuring a communication success story and applied advice. Highlights of the chapters include guidance on:

  • Writing and interpreting scientific research
  • Developing science-based messages
  • Addressing misinformation
  • Customizing communications to various audiences
  • Delivering effective presentations
  • Mastering media interviews
  • Using social media, websites, videos, and demonstrations
  • Communicating in business settings—and much more!

Theoretical background for best practices in nutrition communication is addressed throughout to help build foundational knowledge and skills. This is rounded out with words of experience, hands-on strategies, and real-life stories in every chapter, along with objectives, checklists and key takeaways. Sample pages include the Table of Contents, Foreword, sample chapter, Index and more.

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More Praise for Communicating Nutrition

This book comprehensively and succinctly lays out the essential skills needed by dietitians to successfully communicate with their audiences. Vivid real-life examples throughout the book are engaging and entertaining to read. What I love most is that the book is written by dietitians, for dietitians. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching with the book and would recommend it as a must-read, whether you're a dietetics student or a seasoned dietitian, to help you become a more effective nutrition communicator. Marie Allsopp, DrPH, RD, LD, CHES, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition Science, Purdue University
This book is chock-full of incredibly valuable content! I plan to make sure every staff person and student intern in my department has a copy of this book. It will absolutely be a staple in my library, and I only wish I would have had this book throughout my career. Jean Ragalie-Carr, RDN, National Dairy Council President, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation, Immediate Past-Chair
Communicating Nutrition: The Authoritative Guide is a wealth of information for the student, intern, entry level professional and seasoned professional. It has everything needed to learn tried-and-true communication techniques and to make nutrition communication memorable. Educators will find this versatile text useful in any number of nutrition courses. It is my go-to guide to better communication! Susan E. Adams, MS, RD, LDN, FAND, Past President of the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics; Adjunct Professor, Department of Urban Public Health and Nutrition, La Salle University School of Nursing and Health Science

Release Date: August 20, 2020

ISBN: 978-0-88091-017-0

699 pages

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