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certificate of training sustainability

Sustainable Food Systems Module 1 - An Introduction to Sustainable Food Systems

This module will examine systems-thinking and food systems over time from a public health perspective.

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Brought to you by the Center for Lifelong Learning with a special thank you to the content writers, Kimberly E. Johnson, MS, PhD, RDN and Lynn Monahan DCN, MPH, RD, LDN. Planned with the Hunger and Environmental Nutrition dietetic practice group.

The term "sustainable food systems" is frequently used in discussions about nutrition, food, health, economic development and agriculture. This module will first review terms then describe several models and frameworks used when discussing or thinking about sustainable food systems. Following this is a brief description and history of food systems, some benefits and concerns of the conventional food system, and an application of a food-systems approach. This module will provide an introduction to sustainable food systems and their importance to dietetics and nutrition practitioners. Understanding how to promote sustainable food systems in communities is an imperative across healthcare systems and communities. For Module 1, we examine systems-thinking and food systems over time from a public health perspective. We will review some basic aspects of agricultural systems that influence entire food chains and discuss current concerns.

CPEU: 2.0
CPE Level: 2
Suggested Learning Need Codes: 8018, 2040, 8050
Performance Indicators: 7.2.4, 7.2.1, 13.1.7

Learning Objectives

  1. Evaluate a series of food system based conceptual frameworks and identify the sectors of the food system.
  2. Describe the major changes in the food system from pre-agriculture, industrialization and modern agriculture.
  3. Apply a framework for assessing effects of the food system to a case study.

This e-learning self-study includes web links and resources for additional Online Learning opportunities.

The course includes pdf files of the speaker presentations and handouts as well as a downloadable CPE certificate.

The Certificate of Training program consists of four separate modules that build on each other. To receive the certificate associated with this training, all four modules and related tests must first be completed and a subsequent final post test exam in Module 4 must be passed with a minimum of an 80% in order to receive the Certificate of Training. The Certificate of Training can then be downloaded and printed from the site.

This product is approved for individual use only. Only the registered participant is eligible for continuing professional education units.

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Release Date:: November 21, 2018

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