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Top 100 Skills in Public Health and Nutrition Management | Open Laptop on a Desk Displaying Image of Book Cover

Top 100 Skills in Public Health and Nutrition Management

Sylvia Escott-Stump, MA, RDN, FAND

This user-friendly guide with interactive content for self-reflection and skill practice helps students and practitioners develop action-oriented skills that can enhance your dietetics practice in public health, community nutrition and nutrition management.

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Top 100 Skills in Public Health and Nutrition Management is designed to guide action-oriented skill development for students as well as for practitioners looking to expand their skill base in public health, community nutrition, and nutrition management. This workbook-style guide is written in a user-friendly format with interactive content that encourages self-reflection and offers an opportunity for the reader to practice applying new skills.

The 100 skills included in this guide are divided into 5 sections that broadly cover areas of emphasis applying to dietetics practice in public health, community nutrition, and nutrition management. Each skill is covered in a similar format:

Skill Overview: This section includes a Definition of the skill, its Application to dietetics practice, and an Introduction that provides additional knowledge needed to understand and practice the skill.

Steps for Applying the Skill: This section breaks down the skill into actionable steps that the reader can follow and apply in their education, practice, or specific situation. A concept map is included that provides an example for how to organize thoughts and actions around a specific skill.

Case Study: A case study is provided as an example that demonstrates the skill. Some case studies follow the suggested steps and others are presented in a problem and solution format.

Your Action Plan: This section offers the user an opportunity to write down a scenario where the skill can be practiced by following the suggested steps and then completing a self-assessment that includes criteria and a rubric for evaluating mastery.

Enhance Your Skills: This section includes some follow-up activities and ideas for researching or brainstorming to further develop and practice the skill.

Sample pages include the Table of Contents and two chapters.

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Release Date: July 31, 2024

ISBN: 978-0-88091-235-8

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